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In an ideal world, we live in harmony with nature. The streets and cities are clean; the air fresh and crisp. But unfortunately, the scenario is pretty much an exception to the rule. Unprecedented amount of waste and urban garbage strewn by the roadside greet us every day. Human apathy has reached such a level that we have embraced this situation as part of life.

In what might sound like a doomsday prophecy, Professor John Crawford of the University of Sydney in an interview with TIME magazine, has highlighted a very alarming fact about the Earth’s topsoil. He opined that a rough calculation of the current rates of soil degradation suggests we have about 60 years of topsoil left. Some 40% of soil used for agriculture around the world is classified as either degraded or seriously degraded – which means that 70% of the topsoil, the layer allowing plants to grow, is gone.

But all is not lost. We still have time to engage in waste management – we can make COMPOST!