The Marigold Advantage

The Marigold System composting bins manufactured by Prudent Eco Systems are esthetically designed and work by harnessing the forces of nature. Some advantage of using this product are :

  1. The transparent lid harnesses solar heat creating a green-house like effect and speeds up the composting process naturally
  2. The perforated sides of the bins act as vents for aeration by natural convection
  3. Waste is composted in 10 to 12 days only
  4. The entire bin is covered and hence rodent and fly proof
  5. Tray at the bottom collects leachate (if any)
  6. The technology used for the bins ensures an odorless composting proces


NOTE- The Marigold System of composting DOES NOT require any additives to aid or hasten the process. Prudent Eco Systems propounds a 100% natural composting procedure.