The Marigold System

The Marigold System is a solar composting bin, manufactured and sold by Prudent Eco Systems. This bin ensures that the process of composting takes place under natural conditions. Enabled by sunlight, the process is further enhanced by air, moisture and other natural elements which turns household waste into compost. Unlike traditional composting systems, the Marigold System does not involve the use of additives or microbes. Prudent Eco Systems believes that composting is a natural process which should be bereft of ‘enhancers’.

The Marigold System is an uncomplicated and easy to install equipment. The number of bins and the size of each bin are determined by the amount of household waste that one would use it for or the number of houses it serves.

There are 4 standard sizes of the Marigold System bins available:

  1. Small (38 Litres)
  2. Medium (100 Litres)
  3. Large (175 Litres)
  4. Extra Large (300 Litres)

For further information you could contact us and we would be happy to help in your waste management endeavours.